Reifler Breaks Down How the 2016 Presidential Election Impacts the Future of America


The year 2016 has brought on a very important election upon the citizens of the United States. Two candidates are running that could change the future and freedom of citizens. Multiple fights have occurred over which candidate is better suited for presidency. We all are wondering how will each candidate impact my future? Hedge fund manager Brad Reifler breaks it down:


Both Clinton and Trump disagree on various topics, but making the tax code easily accessible to the average working American is what they can agree on. It is important to note that they both have different ways of solving the problem.


Clinton’s tax proposal focuses more on the upper class Americans making over a million dollars a year. There are still some ways in which it will affect the middle class. She is planning on changing the way capital gains taxes are calculated by making the formula more complicated.


Trump’s plan is a little more straight forward where he intends to take existing tax brackets and split them up into a few income levels. In addition, he plans on limiting deductions for both single and married people.


With that said, neither candidate has really gone into a lot of detail regarding simplifying the tax code. Trump’s website is the only place right now that shows a clear plan for the tax code. He plans on removing the need for most citizens to itemize aspects of their tax returns.


Both candidates have come to an agreement on child-care tax breaks. Trump and Clinton both plan by offering more assistance in providing more subsidies for child-care costs.


Brad Reifler is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital since 2009. Reifler was the former co-owner, chairman, and CEO of Pali Capital which provided international services. Before any of his big business positions, he was an expert trader at Refco. Brad Reifler got his first ever real business form Reifler Trading Company in 2000. He has been a director for Sino Mercury Company, Genesis Securities, and European American Investment Bank. His grandpa was the founder of Reftco, Ray E. Friedman.

The Miracle of Norka Luque

Usually, stories of great success have a powerful driving force at their core. In the case of Norka Luque, that force has always been her passion for music. Born in Venezuela, she embarked in a journey of musical exploration and discovery from a very young age. With the blessing and encouragement of her parents, she received various kinds of musical training, which she considered steps toward her ultimate goal of becoming a professional musician. Tireless, Norka took every kind of music lesson she could get her hands on, whether it was singing, piano, ballet or flamenco. She even managed to win several singing, dancing and instrument-performing competitions at school and college. Through all this she kept alive her dream of making the world a better place through her music.


In spite of various attempts at showcasing her talents, it wasn’t until renowned producer Emilio Estefan Jr. became interested in her art that she had a chance to shine. Guided by him, in 2011 Norka was finally able to release her first single “Como lo haces tú“, officially launching her professional singing career. This song, which was composed by famed author Archie Peña, got Norka her first nomination at the Lo Nuestro awards. Taking the latin music charts by storm, the song was a definite hit that opened the door for entering other markets.


During an early interview, Norka once said that working with Emilio Estefan Jr. was a miracle. Perhaps that is why her next big single -composed by the Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo- was named “Milagro” (miracle). The song, which was a major hit in the United States as well as South America, constitutes a well-crafted mixture of mediterranean, latin, caribbean and reggae sounds. Always grateful and grounded, the talented Venezuelan points to the amazing beauty of Miami as the biggest influence during that period of her creative life. She also praises the help of her team of producers and composers, stating that she couldn’t have done it without them. “Working alongside them was a true blessing,” she stated during an interview with LatinOL.


Today, Norka looks to the future in hopes of being able to continue to broaden her horizons, dazzling the world with her music. With a new single entitled “Tomorrowland” already out and climbing the dance music charts, she has every reason to keep a positive outlook and continue pursuing her passion.


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