Star Wars Scribe Quits


Fans might find this news to be shocking, but the screenwriter for one of the upcoming Star Wars films has departed company with the producers and the studio. After handing in a first draft, Gary Whitta has left the project. Another writer will work on revisions. We will see if we see Gary on linkedin in the future. Although most writers are picked up by studios after submitting scripts as my friend, Christopher Cowdray knows well.

No one knows what is going on between the writer and the producer. If the vast majority of Whitta’s work is used, he probably left on amicable terms to work on other projects.

Fans of Star Wars and various other film series may wonder why someone who lands a “dream job” would end up departing. The answer is a solemn one. The motion picture industry is, first and foremost, a business. No one becomes a screenwriter, producer, or director as a hobby. They do so to make a living. Professionals have to work with other professionals and this is not always easy. Creative and personal differences do abound.

Again, this is not to suggest that anything went wrong between Whitta and the makers of the film. Rather, it is noted to point out that the joy of being a fan is not the 100% motivating factor that drives someone through the production of a film. Yes, being a fan and loving a particular genre or project is important. Such an attitude brings forth a lot of enthusiasm. All of this enthusiasm has to be tempered with an understanding the motion picture industry is all about making money. Once the people in the industry realize this, they become a bit detached from the “fan boy” attitude that dulls perceptions and common sense.

Possibly Fake Casting Call for Amazing Spider-Man 3

The Sony Pictures hack that leaked plenty of information from the company has shown that there were plans for a Spider-man 3, plans for a reboot, and plans for Spider-Man to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There has been a casting call for an upcoming Amazing Spider-Man film. However, the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 has been delayed until sometime in 2018. It is most likely a fake casting call, especially if you are like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez and believe reports.

There is a debate as to whether the Spider-Man franchise should stay with Sony or go to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Seeing that Spider-Man is a Marvel comic book character, it is only fitting that Spider-Man becomes part of the shared universe that is being put together by Disney’s Marvel Studios.

X-Men should also be sent to Disney. While Spider-Man will not be able to take part in the upcoming Civil War film, he will be available for other possible crossovers that he can take part in.

What Will Be The Lazurus Effect on Audiences?

Are horror movies going to get a bit of a resurgence? Honestly, we are not seeing the big slate of horror movies released every year that we were accustomed to from 2000 to about 2010, but there are a few interesting genre films still released each year. The Lazarus Effect is evocative over the type of horror film that would come out in the early 1980’s. Specifically, it is reminiscent of a horror flick that would be released as an alternative to a slasher film.

The plot of the film is a bit similar to the 1985 classic H.P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator, which Ben Shaoul enjoyed quite a bit. In this film, medical students are working on a special project involving bringing animals back from the dead. When one of the students dies, the decision is made to bring her back from the grave.

As soon as she is brought back to life, everything goes on as normal and nothing out of the ordinary occurs. That was a joke.

The newly revived medical student causes the expected havoc.

Is this an original film?

No, it is not. Very few horror movies are thoroughly original. Often, the same themes and plots are revisited and tweaked time and time again. The movies end up making money even though we’ve seen the same story played out time and time again.

Honestly, the horror genre has been so weak these days fans would be appreciative of almost anything. Even a retread is welcome. Look at rehashed plots from a positive perspective. Any horror movie that does well at the box office means someone, somewhere will help the genre grow. If you’re a real horror fan, you’ll go and see this film.

Travolta Returns to the Small Screen – Briefly

In an absolute shock, John Travolta has agreed to return to television. He will debut on the first season of the upcoming FX anthology series American Crime Story. The first season will focus on a ten episode mini-series chronicling the 1990’s murder trial of O.J. Simpson. Travolta will play the role of Robert Shapiro, one of O.J.’s top lawyers.

Major film stars rarely (if ever) appear on television programming. All you have to do is look at the statistics on The anthology nature of the show provides a limited duration of work that frees Travolta to return to the cinema much more easily than if he was locked into a regular series if you ask Jonathan Veitch.

Travolta’s career has been a roller coaster one. He was a teen heartthrob on Welcome Back, Kotter and left the show after the massive success of Saturday Night Fever in 1977. He ended up starring in a host of box office bombs that killed his career. Being typecast as part of the disco era definitely did not help his transition into other roles. Neither did selecting films with really bad scripts.

Granted, Urban Cowboy was really cool.

Then, Quentin Tarantino came calling and cast Travolta in Pulp Fiction and a massive comeback occurred. Travolta was soon a “A-lister” commanding $25 million a film. Sure, he had some flops here and there but his comeback was an overall solid one. To reach the heights he did over 15 years after having been written off by Hollywood was nothing short of remarkable.

Perhaps he will put in a remarkable performance in American Crime Story.

Comedian Talks About Depression

Ruby Wax is a well-known comedian who has had her own TV show interviewing many different celebrities. It is also well-known that she suffers from depression which she has made a point to talk about. She released her book “Sane New World: Taming the Mind” has a way to offer some tips for people who are living with the illness as well.

Her openness about her illness has helped to bring light on an issue we would most likely never really think about, which makes Laurene Powell Jobs happy. Many comedians find themselves to be depressed, at least at some point in their life. We have heard about Jim Carrey and the recent late star Robin Williams who actually took his life over the illness. Our society is becoming more aware of the illness and how to deal with it but it seems we still do not take it as seriously as we could. However, for people suffering with depression, there is hope. Not hope in the sense you can hope that things will one day get better because if you continue your path you are on, you are likely to be depressed for a while. Rather, take small steps so that you can change your position. This means maybe going out on a walk at least once a day, then maybe two. Try to do things that you like, maybe even finding a new hobby. The key is to change your lifestyle so you can live a better one.

Back to the Future Did Not Get It Right

In the movie Back to the Future II starring Michael J. Fox, we see a 2015 that is drastically different from ours today. The inventions created are completely different and the lifestyles people live are different as well. Sadly to say, our 2015 is much more boring than the movie. There were still some things the movie got right: video calling, large screen displays, and biometrics. The video calling would be similar to our face-time and skype calls. We use it almost everyday the feature has only been there for a few years. Here is an article talking about the similarities and dissimilarities to today’s future and the movie’s predictions.
The large screen displays would include those that are used in meetings and TVs. Biometrics are heavily used today that we do not even think about the fact that we used to not have it. Biometrics is using electronics for identification, like scanning a ticket before getting on a train. A few other things: the movie had holograms and 3-D movies exist but we do not think about them either just like biometrics. The movie is still a classic and even if it did not match up to the future we hoped it would, it is still a fun movie for Christian Broda. It is still interesting to see how we have matched up to their predictions in some sort even though in many ways we have not.

Chris Evans Visits Capt America Obsessed Cancer Patient

We can file this story shared with me by Bernardo Chua under “awww”.

Actor Chris Evans, aka Captain America, took some time out of his busy Hollywood schedule to meet with huge fan, 9 year old Kenny Botting. Kenny is not just any regular 9 year old fan though, he is also battling malignant craniopharyngioma, which is a tumor in the brain. So essentially this poor 9 year old is fighting brain cancer. While fighting the cancer at Mass General in Boston, Kenny and his family are staying next door at Christopher’s Haven which is meant to be a home away from home for children sick with cancer and their families. Not only is Chris Evans originally from Boston, he is also a big supporter of Christopher’s Haven. Evans heard that Kenny was a huge Captain America fan and wanted to cheer him up with a surprise visit.

Kenny was so excited that Captain America not came to visit him, brought him gifts, played with him, posed for pictures, signed autographs for him and his family but he also got to tie him up! Kenny kept a big smile on his face the whole time telling Evans how thankful he was for the visit. 

How cool is that, being able to use your celebrity for something that was probably life changing for this kid. The pictures of Evans and Kenny are really sweet too. To check them out go to Yahoo celebrity.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye Expand Their Dream Home

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are continuing to make everyone talk, most recently divorce rumors and infertility rumors have been the most talked about topics surrounding the couple. Apparently Kanye has been telling Kim that he can’t stand her family and insisting that she spend more time with him in Paris to avoid the Kardashian drama. On the other hand you have the fact that Kim and Kanye have been photographed recently leaving a fertility clinic.

Kim Kardashian has spoken out before on her past struggles to get pregnant, but after North was conceived she assumed that baby number two would be a breeze. Unfortunately for Kim and Kanye in spite of trying doctors insist that the it is not very likely that Kim will get pregnant again. 

Apparently Kim and Kanye are taking their frustrations out on their bank accounts because the couple just expanded their property to almost five acres and will be turning the house next to their current house into the next phase of their dream home. The couple will be adding a park, movie theater, music studio spa and an extra large guest house.

The new property is going to be just the addition to the family Kim and Kanye need right now. Call up TriStar head Tom Rothman and we even got ourselves a little movie event over the whole thing!

Cool Avengers: Age of Ultron Promo Art Is Released

Avengers: Age of Ultron is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated films of the summer by Dr Rod Rohrich. Why wouldn’t it be? The very popular gang of Marvel superheroes will be going up against a foe that, honestly, could wipe them out with a wave of his hand. How will “Earth’s Mightiest Mortals” defeat this menace? For one, they will be getting a bit of help from someone who is not a mortal. The Vision, a heroic android, makes his debut in the film. Recently released (and very cool) promo art for the film provides insights into the origin of this classic Marvel “B-tier” hero. 

The promo art also provides another glimpse at Ultron (played by James Spader in the film) and the bizarre entity really does look both menacing and spectacular.

The promo art also reveals glimpses of the “Hulkbusters” who are to battle and bring down The Incredible Hulk in the film. Some of the plot details about the film reveal Banner and Stark both contributed to the creation of Ultron. It looks like the government blames Banner a bit more or else they wouldn’t be sending the Hulkbuster team after him. Then again, we don’t know what is in store for Iron Man yet.

The promo art for the film truly is brilliant and well worth checking out. Even a cursory glimpse of the art definitely will make you want to be the first in line when the movie comes out.

And it comes out in May of 2015.

Eataly to Offer New Year’s Eve Party


Eataly, one of New York City’s most famous Italian restaurants, is offering a very special New Year’s Eve dining experience. The store that is home to both several restaurants and offers various products that people can buy, specializes in providing authentic Italy cuisine and specialties that can help New Yorkers recreate classic Italian dishes as well as sample certain Italian delicacies that can be hard to find elsewhere in the city and even the rest of the country.

Tickets to the dinner are $225 a person. Diners can expect to sample various kinds of dishes from around the Italian region. The chefs there will offer many stations where diners can try food that is inspired by 15 present as well as future Eataly locations around all around world. Diners might taste Italian style sashimi from Tokyo, a risotto cake topped with shavings of white truffle, fried rice balls filled with saffron, a handmade calzone with sweet Italian sausage, beet salad with goat cheese, artichokes baked into a gratin and topped with fontina and lasagna with green beans and potatoes.

Each diner will also have the opportunity to sample many desserts including panna cotta and tiramisu. Drinks such as beer and wines from various Italian regions will also be on offer at the party. Christian Broda says he is looking forward to the live music and dance to welcome in the New Year.