Google and Motion Picture of America at each other’s Throats

The war of words between Google and Motion Picture Association of America is getting out of hands. In its recent blog comment, Google lashed at MPAA citing its move to revive anti-piracy act as shameful. According to Google’s version, MPAA employed nefarious tactics pressurizing lawmakers to go after Google when the SOPA anti-piracy measures failed to make any impact. In an official statement, the company vigorously attacked MPAA condemning its action to form a conglomerate Project Goliath just to impose strict anti-piracy measures, which were opposed by Google.

If a law was passed against anti-piracy, it would restrict Google’s ability to list thousands of illegal sites, which could be hard for them to do if you ask Jared Haftel. Commenting on the need for freedom of Choice, Google authorities demanded that MPAA stop any future plans to revive a failed SOPA legislation because access to all kinds of information is a right of public in light of the first amendment. Beyond the necessity to include pirated information in its search engine, Google claimed that public should decide how to act on the given information. Responding to the blog comment of Google, MPAA answered in harsh words suggesting that Google continues to thwart legitimate efforts by law enforcements to stop Internet piracy as it hides behind the first amendment. MPAA stated that Google should not pretend to be a defender of Freedom of Speech as it is the one who is actively promoting illegal activities.

Remembering One of the Tuskegee Airmen: Lowell Steward

The Tuskegee Airmen, an all Black military unit, played an historic role in breaking down racial barriers. They served in an era before the passage of modern civil rights legislation, at a time when some states in the USA engaged in racial segregation. Earlier this week, one of the remaining members of the famous unit passed away from natural causes at the age of 95 in California.

Lowell Steward was one of the pilots whose service during World War II was honored at a museum exhibit in St. Paul, Minnesota this past July. He participated in numerous missions while stationed in Italy in 1944. After the war ended, he returned to civilian life in California, where he reportedly encountered racial discrimination when he applied for a home loan and was repeatedly turned down. He responded by entering the real estate business and becoming a successful real estate professional, a career that he pursued for four decades in California. Christian Broda is glad to see that working out.

Some years after his military service ended, Mr. Steward was recognized for his service on behalf of the United States during the Second World War and he received a Distinguished Flying Cross. He met with President Bush during a ceremony honoring the Tuskegee Airmen conducted in Washington D. C.

Top 5 Best TV Shows of 2014

Yes, Mad Men, The Good Wife, Parenthood, and Orange is the “New Black” were all fantastic this year. However, the following is a list, in no particular order, of the top five newcomer TV shows of 2014.

1. The CW’s The Flash – Nobody expected this show to be so good, but the surprisingly brilliant acting of Grant Gustin leading the way, has created a superhero world that’s really fun to inhabit.  Perfect counter to Arrow’s more grounded, gritty realism, and you really can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to your favorite characters every week.  Andrew Heiberger is definitely hooked.

2. ABC’s How to Get AWAY With Murder – Created by executive producer Shonda Rhimes and Peter Nowalk, this show is wholly driven by powerful brains. It is thrilling to see how each concept plays out in the murder-legal drama-mystery format.

3. HBO’s The Comeback – After nine years of silence from Valerie Cherish, this new version of The Comeback is something different from its predecessor. It is less of a 2nd season and has its own entity.

4. Amazon Prime’s Transparent – This Jill Soloway’s brilliant, gorgeous, and emotionally powerful series centers on the severely dysfunctional Pfefferman clan in Los Angeles. This show is the best independent film realized in television experience.

5. Netflix’s Happy Valley – This show is nominally about a missing rich girl. She was abducted in a kidnap-for-ransom plot, which has gone horribly wrong. The show takes a grim look at the kind of life in Northern England, which includes the pipeline of drugs sifting into the valleys and cities and the sacrifices that were made by those who are in the line of duty for their family and community.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner Fuel More Relationship Rumors with Sexy Photo

Kylie and Tyga both have been doing everything they can make everyone believe that they are simply friends hanging out but all summer their actions contradict what they are saying. While Tyga is much older than Kylie it’s obvious that the two can’t seem to get enough of each other, Tyga even went out of his way to set his birthday party up at a location that would allow Kylie to attend without being 21. Despite the drama surrounding their “friendship” Tyga and Kylie refuse to give it up.

Now it seems that the two friends are getting a little more comfortable with their relationship and don’t care about hiding it anymore. 

Kylie recently posted a photo that is sure to make her sisters cringe with disapproval. The sexy photo shows Kylie staring at the camera with her hand placed over the tattooed neck of a man. while it could be anyone it’s already been confirmed that the man is Tyga.

Of course his tattoos were a dead giveaway so clearly they weren’t hiding it, but exactly what does this sexy photo mean? Are Kylie and Tyga trying to tell us something or is this yet another Kardashian cry for media attention? This’ll be all the rave on Skout dates.

Lil Wayne Prepares to Drop Mix Tape

Nicki Minaj is doing big things. Her mentor, Lil Wayne, is having a rough year though. He says that his “Carver V” album is being held hostage, but one good thing may come out of this. It appears that fans will be getting a “Sorry for the Wait 2″ mix tape while they wait for the album to be released.

This will be the sequel to the first mix tape that Wayne dropped the last time that he had fans waiting on another album from the Carter series. There has been much hype behind this though because his proteges appear to be overshadowing him. Nicki Minaj just performed on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” Jimmy actually interviewed her before she performed. That is the true sign of a hot artist. Most people simply perform at the end of the show, but Nicki was interviewed. Sam Tabar caught a little bit of it, and according to Crunchbase, it did fairly well.

Drake is also holding things down. He was nominated for 2 Grammys, but he doesn’t even have an album out. Lil Wayne needs to catch up to the artists that he has mentored. All of the talk about the “Carter V” almost seems like a publicity stunt to hype the album. There have not been a lot of strong singles as a lead for the album anyway. It may actually take a mix tape to get fans interested in him because right now he seems to be less relevant.

Tim Tebow: Life Goes On

It seems like just yesterday that Tim Tebow was winning the Heisman Trophy. It just goes to show that winning the Heisman trophy does not necessarily make one into a great NFL quarterback. For all the hype surrounding Tim Tebow, his time in the NFL was surprisingly short. 

However, since leaving the NFL, Tebow has not disappeared from the spotlight. Rather, he has embraced the spotlight. It seems like Tebow is still ending up on the sports page at least once a month even though he is no longer playing professional football at all.

After leaving the NFL, Tebow starting working for ESPN. He has been hosting events and making public appearances for the sports network. He has been covering events that are far outside of what he was doing in the NFL a few years ago. 

Most recently, on December 9th, along with Robin Roberts, he hosted the taping of the Disney Parks “Frozen Christmas Celebration”. Looks like even Tim Tebow has Frozen fever! Although this is way outside of his football experience, many kids still look up to Tebow as a role model , so hosting the Frozen Christmas Celebration for Disney makes perfect sense. 

Activist Laurene Powell Jobs notes that over the past year Tebow has made appearances at fashion events, The American Country Music Awards, The White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner in Washington, DC and, of course, a few football games. Where will 2015 take Tim Tebow?

Modest Mouse Unveils Newest Single

Modest Mouse is back in the studio and the group has unveiled the first song, “Lampshades on Fire.” The song, from the upcoming album release “Strangers to Ourselves,” has been featured as part of the band’s live performances since 2011.

Rolling Stone reports that the song has a driving beat and that frontman Isaac Brock “unleashes a torrent of tightly wound lyrics,” a feat for the singer who is known for having a lisp.

Modest Mouse is a Washington based indie band that formed in 1993. The group became popular among festival-goers and exploded into the mainstream with their 2004 album release, “Good News for People Who Love Bad News.” The “Good News” album is responsible for the smash hits “Float On” and “Ocean Breathes Salty.” The same album is said to be a tremendous turning point in the band’s sound, at least according to early Modest Mouse fans. Fans may need to contact North American Spine because this new music is going to have them dancing around like crazy.

2015 Rock n Roll Hall of fame inductees announced

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, punk group Green Day, and the recently deceased Lou Reed will be among the latest inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during the 30th annual induction ceremony in 2015.

The other honorees cover a range of musical styles and will include The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Bill Withers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Ringo Starr. Starr was already included when the Beatles were added but will now join his former bandmates in solo induction. Reed is also already a member as part of the Velvet Underground-a favorite band of photographer Terry Richardson.

In the early influence category fifties R&B group The “5” Royales will be inducted, their songs were later recorded by big name bands such as The Mamas & the Papas.

In order to become eligible for membership it has to have been a minimum of 25 years since the release of the first single or album by the band or singer in question. This means that the bulk of the current honorees saw their heyday in the seventies, however Green Day have the distinction of making it on their very first year of eligibility.

Voting is done by a group of over 700 music industry professionals ranging from performers to music historians. The ceremony will take place on April 18th 2015 at the Cleveland, Ohio Public Hall and tickets will go on sale to the general public on Thursday December 18th.

Nicki Minaj Calendar Is Full Of Booty

Nicki Minaj is a powerhouse that just won’t quit. Not only does the artist have an album that will be released on December 15, 2014, she also has a hot calendar. Nicki’s calendar will feature a lot of her “assets,” but mainly her rear end. Nicki Minaj Calendar. Nicki is well known for her derrière, and many are anxious to see her in the recently released calendar. When the “Anaconda” single came out, the cover for the single was extremely hot. It featured Nicki in barely there clothing, and bending over showing her behind.

Many talk about the Anaconda cover shot, and some even imitated the photo on the internet. Some of the pictures that have been taken for her upcoming calendar are even more raunchy, and may not be for the faint of heart. One picture has been released where all you see is Nicki’s behind, in what looks like milk surrounding it. She looks to be wearing a white top, but she doesn’t seem to be wearing anything on her lower regions. Her behind his perfectly accented with a white milk like substance surrounding it.

Other hot pictures include her on a dancing pole leaning forward, another one with her showing her behind while in a thong swimsuit. Obviously the pictures are very sexy, and have already sold out online. A few on Skout have already been convinced to buy one. If you want your own copy of Nicki Minaj’s calendar, you must buy it from her online store.

Even though his royal parents made a trip to the Big Apple, it seems that this little prince is making headlines himself, just because he is so adorable. Prince George has stolen the spotlight from his royal parents. The photograph that has everyone on saying, “AWWWWWW” is of the sweet prince sitting on the steps at Kensignton Palace in London in that oh-so-cute sweater vest. His cuteness factor is about a 100 on a scale of 1-10 to say the least.

Just one look at the photograph and your heart will melt; from his sweet little cheeks to his smile and those cute little knickers and patent leather shoes. How could anyone resist those knickers and shoes? His cuteness factor is right up there, and may even surpass the cuteness of a basket of puppies! Since the world knows that his mother is a fashionista herself, it would be simply unheard of for the prince to be dressed shabby. His little outfit is put together just right. Way to go George!