The Miracle of Norka Luque

Usually, stories of great success have a powerful driving force at their core. In the case of Norka Luque, that force has always been her passion for music. Born in Venezuela, she embarked in a journey of musical exploration and discovery from a very young age. With the blessing and encouragement of her parents, she received various kinds of musical training, which she considered steps toward her ultimate goal of becoming a professional musician. Tireless, Norka took every kind of music lesson she could get her hands on, whether it was singing, piano, ballet or flamenco. She even managed to win several singing, dancing and instrument-performing competitions at school and college. Through all this she kept alive her dream of making the world a better place through her music.


In spite of various attempts at showcasing her talents, it wasn’t until renowned producer Emilio Estefan Jr. became interested in her art that she had a chance to shine. Guided by him, in 2011 Norka was finally able to release her first single “Como lo haces tú“, officially launching her professional singing career. This song, which was composed by famed author Archie Peña, got Norka her first nomination at the Lo Nuestro awards. Taking the latin music charts by storm, the song was a definite hit that opened the door for entering other markets.


During an early interview, Norka once said that working with Emilio Estefan Jr. was a miracle. Perhaps that is why her next big single -composed by the Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo- was named “Milagro” (miracle). The song, which was a major hit in the United States as well as South America, constitutes a well-crafted mixture of mediterranean, latin, caribbean and reggae sounds. Always grateful and grounded, the talented Venezuelan points to the amazing beauty of Miami as the biggest influence during that period of her creative life. She also praises the help of her team of producers and composers, stating that she couldn’t have done it without them. “Working alongside them was a true blessing,” she stated during an interview with LatinOL.


Today, Norka looks to the future in hopes of being able to continue to broaden her horizons, dazzling the world with her music. With a new single entitled “Tomorrowland” already out and climbing the dance music charts, she has every reason to keep a positive outlook and continue pursuing her passion.


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YouTube Vlog: Lime Crime’s 24 Sexiest Lip Colors on the Planet

I’ll be honest; I am a lipstick freak and proud of it but not for just any kind of brand.

I love Lime Crime makeup and am so obsessed with their famous Velvetines. You know; the original liquid to matte lipsticks that glide on and dry smoothly like a touch of velvet. Plus, these lipsticks stay put until you remove them, so they’re great for eating food, drinking any kind of beverage and making out in.

My favorite YouTube sensation happens to be Celia Leslie, and I am a faithful subscriber. She just tried on 24 Lime Crime Velvetines; that’s right, 24 lip swatches, and I have fallen in love. I want the entire Lime Crime Velvetines collection. You cannot find a better product on the market, and trust me, my girlfriends and I have tried a lot of different makeup labels, some cheap and others high end.

Celia Leslie looked gorgeous in all 24 shades, so it must be nice to have a perfect complexion and perfect full lips to wear every single swatch so well.

Here are my favorites:

1. Riot- Red Brown. This shade from the Amazon store is so stunning, that I could get away with this one anywhere, especially at my snobby banking department, where I have to toe the line in so-called “proper attire.”

2. Utopia- Vibrant Orchid. Talk about vivid opacity; this is an awesome look at me color that I can’t deny. I will wear this one for my bae’s birthday. We both love me in purple, and he will love kissing me non-stop in this shade.

3. Beet It- Deep Berry Pink. This color is a huge favorite of Lime Crime devotees and easy to see why. I am so taken with this shade, and it goes extremely well with my olive skin and black hair. My cousin wants a tube, too.

Lime Crime is vegan and cruelty-free and makes the most unique, quality makeup on the market. It’s available online at or at popular retailers like Urban Outfitters. Doe Deere is CEO and founder of the brand which she launched in 2008.